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Awaken to your True Essence

Receive activations, illuminations, downloads and knowledge from intuitive astrological and Angelic messages that help you awaken to your true essence, purpose, and mission, fully aligning you with your soul’s most elevated divine blueprint for this lifetime and allowing healing of deep patterning in this life.


Intuitive Astrology

Receive your astrological reading as a guide to better align with and embody the love that you are and up level your human experience.


Transformative Coaching

Receive personal coaching to assist and guide you on your highest divine path as you move through life's major transitions and transformations.

Sacred Site Retreats

Be guided to sacred energy vortexes where deep healing and transformation is catalyzed, connect with Angelic energies and plant the seeds of your hearts desires.


Hi I'm Maggie

I use my connection with the Angelic realm to assist in and support the evolution of the planet and people during this time of ascension. 

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