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Transformative Coaching

Experience life’s major transitions and transformations with support, assistance and guidance.

As a transformational coach, Maggie employs her comprehensive tool bag of skills of deeply loving and compassionate presence, support, guidance, and reverently holds space for her clients through difficult emotional releases and deep processes that come with transformational times. She integrates highly attuned Astrological wisdom to offer insight into her client's life and cycles and help them understand their astrological energies and how to deeply love and accept themselves. Maggie’s embodied mastery as an Angel Intuitive helps her clients to better understand how they can best connect with and utilize the ever-present beneficial energies available. In addition, Maggie utilizes Yoga and guided meditation to release, heal, and facilitate energy movement including Yoga Nidra for conscious healing and manifestation work. She has an extensive background in ritual and ceremonial work to facilitate transformation, up-leveling, and manifestation processes for her clients.

What You Will Gain

Receive the insights and clarity to bring you centered in a place of knowledge, peace and clear direction.

  • A deeper, more profound understanding of yourself, your patterns, and functioning behaviors and you will receive genuine tools to help you overcome your innate programming

  • Facilitation and support of transformational processes that up-level you to your highest timeline for this lifetime

  • Clearing of blocks and a deep release to manifest all your heart wants on this physical plane

  • Profound manifestation work that helps to ground the frequencies of your new life and way of being, here, into the fabric of reality

  • Physical movement, meditation, and breath work to bring our heart and mind into coherence so you easily and gracefully become a magnet for all your heart desires to create and experience

What Others Say

Read reviews of others who have received Transformative Life Coaching

It felt as if the information Maggie told me about me came from a place of deeper “knowing and understanding” than any other information I’ve received during my entire life. There were a lot of Aha! moments as well as answers to questions I may never have asked myself and insight into what may cause me to take one path vs another up to this point in my life and from this point forward.  Pursuing personal growth through reading self help books is fantastic but life is too short to read every one of those books in the process of self-discovery. It might be more valuable to jump start that life-long process by taking the leap of having an astrological reading with Maggie. I’m confident that you’ll be happy that you did, it’s changed my life!

-Steve Bomont, Investment and Marketing Specialist

Coaching sessions with Maggie have been easy, real, informative, effective & fun.  I've had several issues that have been quietly gnawing at me for a long time. Maggie's astrological explanations have led me to several "ah ha" moments that have lessened my stress & added to my peace of mind.  I'm a much happier me.

-Peg B, Certified Clinical Nutritionist 


Transformative Coaching

Be assisted and receive coaching through transformations in your life and/or death. Maggie utilizes your unique soul blueprint as the guide to help you align more with the love that you are as you transition through the evolutionary stages that the human experience brings.

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