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Intuitive Astrology

Experience the magic of the most comprehensive astrological reading with depth, wisdom and refinement.

With highly evolved intuitive skills and guided angelic messages, Maggie will discover your soul's blueprint expressed as your highest divine path.  You will receive an intuitive astrological reading which is super focused and highly evolved, utilizing the focused degrees of the chart to further narrow down and understand this energetic language with even greater depth,  wisdom, and refinement.  It’s highly attuned God consciousness.

What You Will Gain

Receive the insights and clarity to bring you centered in a place of knowledge, peace and clear direction.

  • Guidance through major transitions and transformations in your life

  • Insights into your soul's unique mission and purpose for this lifetime

  • Clarity of vision and self-assuredness that comes from a deeper knowingness of your motivations, desires, compulsions, and actions in this life

  • Understanding of your true nature, the divine love that you are, and how you are here to express that love

  • Gain insights into your unique way of connecting to your Angelic guides and how the Angels personally assist and connect with you in this life

What Others Say

Read reviews of others who have received intuitive astrology readings.

I recently had the pleasure of an astrological reading with Maggie Engel…  Let me say, first of all, her comprehensive knowledge of all things astrological is awe-inspiring… she weaves in the angels, gods and goddesses, planetary movements, and the heavens in such a seamless way, one can virtually hear them celebrating in the heavens…. She is then able to bring it down to a personal level that integrates all this into one’s own life experience… Her knowledge supersedes more mundane aspects of astrology, and weaves in next-level awareness, for oneself, as well as one’s relationship with others, the planets, and the well-being of Mother Earth in our constant dance with All… I would highly recommend her services to anyone ready and willing to take their own awareness to the next level… All this coupled with her sensitivity and palpable love, made my time with her extremely sacred and helpful, for which I am extremely grateful.” 

-Richard Heller, Artistic Director, Theatre Convivio

Maggie Engel is an Angel. Her connection to the divine and her pure love for her fellow human beings creates magical results for those who are fortunate enough to work with her. Her astrological readings for me allowed me to understand myself better and quickly led to a new level of love for self, others, and all of life. 

Maggie Engel is pure Light and Love and I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to level up and live an even deeper life of purpose. 

-Scott Draper, Entrepreneur


Intuitive Astrology

Receive an intuitive reading using your soul blueprint as expressed in your astrological birth chart in relation to the current cosmic energies.

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