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Sacred Site Retreats

Explore sacred energy vortex's and connect with Angelic and Earth energies to catalyze change and manifest your heart's desires.

Join our retreats of personal renewal and participate in the deep healing at sacred energy vortexes.  Our heart's are being guided to heal ourselves and Mother Earth and through prayer, intention and ceremony, together we will build the New Earth.

What You Will Gain

Gain a better understanding of yourself, your soul's path in this lifetime, and your relationship to everything with the activation, illumination, and transformation provided by the potent frequencies accessed at these sacred energy vortexes.

  • Receive personal astrological readings and guidance on how the current energetic alignments are affecting you and supporting your growth, transformations and manifestations and how you can best utilize these energies to assist you on your path

  • Accelerate healing, transformation, manifestation, and integration of your higher self through Miracle Yoga, Yoga Nidra, meditation, deep release work, movement, and ceremony at sacred energetic vortexes

  • Work directly with the Angels through sacred ceremony, prayer, meditation and intention setting at these Sacred Sites to enrich, enliven, and support your healing and manifestations

What Others Say

Read reviews of others who have attended the Sacred Site retreats.

Maggie took me on a retreat during my trip to Mount Shasta. I was already having powerful transformative experiences the whole time I was there, but when I met with her my experiences were so much better and more profound. She is like an Angel with her presence that held space for my healing so well. Maggie’s energy is so calming and soothing that it created an atmosphere for me to have blissful and enlightening experiences all the time. She did an astrological reading on me that was life-changing and very accurate. I am so grateful for all the help she gave me and I highly recommend her services!

-Jack McNeil/ Energy Healer, Psychic, Musician, and Artist

Maggie’s connection to Angels is astonishing. Before I met her, I didn’t really have a relationship with Angels.  The first time we sat together, everything disappeared except a brilliant white light and then I remembered a past life where I blamed my beloved angel friends for the death of a loved one.  Recalling that moment, I realized I have been unconsciously staying away from Angels ever since.  As Maggie continued to hold space, her presence catalyzed my beginning to cry and the rift between me and the Angels healed.

-Greg Magick Bernstein, Shamanic Guide, Mystic, and Founder of Sacred Voyages

I am so grateful for Maggie’s presence in my life! I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of talented healers over many decades and I feel a great resonance with Maggie, her gifts as an astrologer, heart-based coach and personal spiritual retreat guide. Our 2-day retreat to Sacred Sites at Mt. Shasta was graceful, natural, powerful and held with utmost integrity by Maggie. And fun too!  I felt very safe - physically, emotionally and spiritually. And very well seen and assisted to delve into both shadow and light areas of my being to unlock my next layer of evolution.  I love listening to her articulate the evolutionary times we’re in….in her public moon ceremonies/astrology reading and her private coaching.  Her style is clear, intelligent, deeply loving, sweet, authentic, both cosmic and down to Earth, anchored with amazing knowledge, ease with ritual, and maturely held intuitive insight. She’s got both a fairy/elemental child-like ease , hop skipping, playing, communing, with all beings of Mother Earth WITH the mature wisdom and confidence that comes from having taken on her own deep healing and transformation with rewards and results, while living with all the family and career responsibilities of modern life. She has a refined 'spiritual  toolbox' which she has employed generously and with integrity in our work together.  I am blessed to share with Maggie this life’s journey and our shared vision and purpose as we - along with many others - help birth heaven right Here on Mother Earth, our H.O.M.E. 💚💚.

-Deborah S, Entrepreneur 


Sacred Site Retreats

Sacred Site locations include Coastal Redwoods, Mount Shasta, the source of the Rogue River, and sites along the Southern Oregon coast. All inclusive 1, 2, & 3 day retreats offered with upscale lodging and healthy, light, vibrant organic meals. 

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