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Maggie's work is in merging the physical with the Angelic realm and guiding people back to the love they are.

Maggie is dedicated to guiding, assisting and loving people who are moving through life transitions and profound transformations by holding high frequency heart space for them, bringing harmony, grace, unconditional love, self knowledge through their own divine blueprint as manifested in their personal astrology, intuition, Angelic energies, and deep soul wisdom, so that her clients may experience and expand more into the innate love that they are.


Maggie has a powerful connection with holy spirit, source, and god consciousness, she has always been on a path of awakening. During a transcendent healing experience, the Angels started directly communicating with her. Since that first encounter with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael that May afternoon in 2016 the Angels have become constant companions, providing a consistent source of love, healing, guidance, and grace. Whether in her personal life as a mother of three young children, lover and guardian of Mother Earth, or professionally as a Hospice Nurse, astrologer, yoga teacher, ceremonial facilitator, Sacred Site guide, transformational life/death coach, and Angel intuitive, Maggie consistently invokes the help of the Angels. Maggie is so grateful for the Angels and the love, light, grace, and healing they have brought to her life. Her mission is to spread the love of the Angels, to help others know that they are here; the Angels are with us, and want to help, love, guide, heal, and comfort us!

Maggie's Bio

As a Certified Intuitive Astrologer, Yoga Instructor, Angel Book Author, Hospice  RN and Ceremonial Facilitator, Maggie has dedicated her life to the exploration of the sacred, the expansion of love, and the experience of divinity.

Her love work is multidimensional and multifaceted. She helps guide her clients and those she serves into a deeper awareness and experience of the love and sacredness that is them in their purity of consciousness in each present moment.

Her deep and varied astrological pursuits, which began in her teenage years, have allowed her to develop a rich practice in astrology that serves her clients by delving into their individual soul blueprint.  Readings with her help to reveal unique gifts, skills, missions, and areas of soul growth and focus for this life. She illuminates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting her clients energies and where there is focus of energy and growth in the current cycles and and provides ways to best navigate, strategize, and utilize the energies for us through intentional awareness and action.

Her unique practice also includes her Miracle Yoga, which combines breath work, movements from different schools of yoga, and energetic techniques to encourage openness in our hearts and connection with divinity, connection with the pure consciousness of love that we are.

From a young age, Maggie felt a very strong connection to the Holy Spirit, God, Source, the Divine, Love.  Despite growing up in a home without formal religion or spiritual practices, She found solace in ritual and ceremony of her own making.  Maggie began creating her own ceremonial practices to connect with God and the Universe, she co-created beautiful ceremonies with Source and the Angels. This relationship with divinity has been the driving force in her life, shaping both her personal and professional paths.  Her ceremony work and richest her life and allows her and her clients a tangible physical experience of the sacred.

Maggie also serves as a Registered Nurse, she is deeply honored to be working with Hospice patients and their families, assisting in one of the greatest transitions of all of our lives.

In her free time, she finds joy in nature, spending time in the forest, by the rivers, and the ocean. She cherishes moments with her three beautiful children and her beloved.  Maggie enjoys dreaming, meditating, practicing yoga, and performing ceremonies to elevate her consciousness. She is dedicated to bringing heavenly frequencies based in unconditional love to this beautiful Earth.

She invites you to join her in exploring the deepest parts of yourself and your divinity,  to discover and experience more of the unique, beautiful sacred you!

How the Angel book was inspired.

In 2016, during a difficult time in my life, I was synchronistically guided to a healing session where I had my first miraculous healing encounter with the Angelic realm.  I was profoundly changed after that day and have watched myself transform and awaken since then, swiftly and gracefully, all with the help of these divine beings by my side.


Over the following years, the Angels and I continuously deepened our connection and they became a primary source of support, love, guidance, healing, and miracles in my life and the lives of those around me.  

As my relationship with Angels deepened and evolved, they guided me in channeling in an all-ages book featuring 15 Archangels and writings on our very own guardian angels.


They’ve become an ever-present source of love and divine connection for me and I’m deeply grateful for their overflowing grace in my life. I’ve also led powerful women, from all around the world, in group Angel Masterminding sessions where we have actively masterminded with the Angels, using my book, Angels; A Sweet and Simple Introduction, as a guide to creating a web of Angelic energies that overflows throughout our life’s and journey together,  and weaves high-frequency Angelic light and love through the fabric of reality here on Mother Earth.


The Angels love us deeply and want so much to assist us to heal, transform, and uplevel to a state of heaven on Earth for all.

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