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We are in deeply evolutionary times my beautiful friends😇🌍♉️♏️♎️ This Taurus partial lunar eclipse at 5° is peaking in energies October 28th at 1324 PST, it is a dynamic multidimensional event, marking the final eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis for the next nine years. Remember our first eclipse on this axis was back in late November 2021🤍We've been supported since then in transforming our values, letting go of ways of undervaluing ourselves, shifting our relationship with money and manifestation, up leveling our self-worth, exploring our unconscious and subconscious ways of acting thinking, and behaving, integrating and healing our “shadow”, bringing light to the unconscious, and we still have real opportunities to raise the vibration of all of this in our lives. We have the opportunity to continue to come into states of wholeness and integration in this energy. I like to think of the Taurus/Scorpio as the heaven on earth axis. When we integrate, love, and alchemize our “shadow parts“ , Scorpio, we expand into pure love consciousness within ourselves, we start to vibrate in alignment with our own personal heaven on earth, and as we individually awaken and begin to vibrate at that Heaven frequency, we elevate the frequency here on Mother Earth 🌍 these energies are saying, As we start to value our deeply authentic selves More, we begin to make the dark light, as we value our hearts, deep truth, authenticity and intimacy with ourselves, and all our parts and as we value LOVE more than anything, we harmonize and unify, inside and out🤍 This lunar eclipse is an opportunity for a huge cosmic release 🌕🤍🌕 full moons carry the energy of release, illumination, culmination, ending of a cycle and full moon lunar eclipses even more so. It's time to release all the ways we've been undervaluing ourselves and undervaluing LOVE consciousness. Venus is what we value, what we love, how we create harmony and beauty in our lives the energy of being open to receive all that is for us, the Yin principle of creation, BEING what it is that we are bringing into form, an expression of the Divine feminine, Venus is where we experience pleasure and sensuality in our lives. This eclipse, and the last eclipse in Libra, both eclipses being in the two Venus ruled signs, are calling for a big energetic release , one that will really increases our self worth, value, and open us up to experience a greater receiving of love consciousness, and bring more harmony in our lives, and on the planet. The last new moon solar eclipse in libra 2 weeks ago, was a south node eclipse, also highlighting in the energies the need to release, to let go of some thing, some way of relating, valuing, or the release of an actual relationship to someone or some thing, there is a huge push to move forward, what is holding us back? what is ready to go? what will bring us into a new cycle of expansive receiving energy based on our elevated worth and values? What is it that you’re letting go of, where are you releasing? Where are you at? All of these energies Have been deeply supported by the Venus retrograde in Leo, the sign of love, this past summer, as well. These energies have all been calling for us to take a deep dive into the exploration of what we value, love, our own receiving consciousness, how open are we to receive all that we are creatively manifesting here. Where do we need to increase our own self worth and value and value of the love that we each are, the beautiful creative spark of love that each of us is. We're all on a journey of self-worth elevation. Our core values could be shifting, we’re integrating more and more, we're reevaluating things, behaviors, decisions, thoughts, beliefs, people, and experiences in our lives, seeing if they match who we authentically are at our core , as the love we are, as we expand in our self-worth consciousness, increase our value of love, We're increasing our ability to manifest what we want here on Earth, aligning ourselves with our higher selves. With this lunar eclipse at 5°, the degree of Mercury, we're letting go of old thought patterns and ways of communicating that have kept us in a state of lower value. Jupiter is joining the party, conjunct this full moon in Taurus, bringing expansive abundance and shifts in faith and beliefs around self-worth and value, calling for us to be in integrity with our belief system’s, unconscious and conscious, and be aware of how our beliefs, known, and unknown, affect what we manifest here on this physical plane of reality. Mars, Mercury, and the Sun are all diving deep into our unconscious, helping us access healing and confront our deep core subconscious wounds and behavioral patterns. Many of us are at the root of our trauma right now, really healing our core stuff. Jupiter and the moon are opposite the sun, Mars, and Mercury in Scorpio. This cosmic alignment is also helping us expand our abundance consciousness and elevate our self-worth. We're integrating and alchemizing our shadow right now, and it's impossible to ignore. We're seeing this on the world stage - death, destruction, suffering, war, and deep, deep grief, rage, and sadness. We’re seeing everything, truth exposed, inside us, and all around us. Mars and mercury, Also at the degree of integrity, 11, calling for us to be an integrity with our shadow and unconscious actions, behaviors, and relationship with power, hidden, buried rage, suppressed anger, shadow behaviors, and thoughts around revenge and power, and also calling for us to be in integrity in our mental consciousness, and how we think speak and communicate, what is happening in our unconscious and how does that affect the manifestation of energy in the world around us…. How do Our thoughts, actions and beliefs, conscious, and unconscious, dictate the expression of the reality around us. Where can we shine the light in the dark and become more responsible for creating love and harmony internally and externally in our environment. Where are we ready to release old believe paradigms old faith paradigms that keep us at war inside and outside of ourselves. Pluto, in a continuous square to the lunar nodes of fate, is pushing us fiercely to stand up as our authentic selves. We're here to be us, to be the beautiful soul expression of the individual that each of us is. We're here to be free to live as our heart desires. Where do we need to shift how we relate to ourselves and to everything in our lives and shift our relationships so that we can stand purely authentically as the individual I am consciousness that each of us is. This has been the question since the spring with Pluto and nodes, and they will continue to be asking these questions for the next few months. With Pluto in the mix, all that is not meant to move forward in our relationships and our relationship to everything will die or be transformed…. deep internal and external change, is happening in our lives and relationships, there is no way around it. We're being called to be responsible for our individual stories. How do we each bring love and harmony into this world? Into our relationships? How do we do our part? Are you living in harmony in your home, in your heart, with your loved ones, with yourself, with your divinity? How do you own your role as an individual human in this collective consciousness soup of creation. Where are you at war with your self? Where are you still damaging parts of you ? where are you Not loving you? Where are you continually undervaluing you and allowing yourself to be undervalued? These are essential and vital questions To ask to bring to the surface now and to love. As above so below, as within so without, how can you expand more into the love that you are and love the parts of you that you haven’t been able to. It’s Time, the energies say the time is now, let go of whatever is holding you back from loving yourself completely, and wholly. Saturn at 0° of Pisces and a positive angle to the sun and moon are supporting us in creating the boundaries and structures in reality, releasing what we need to release to dedicate and devote to our higher spiritual story here - one of harmony, love, and grace. Uranus in Taurus opposite Ceres in Scorpio, trine Venus in Virgo, is allowing us the ability to nurture and nourish our hidden dark shadow parts in ways we haven't before. We're bringing healing into our day-to-day life and elevating the vibration and frequency of our daily existence. We have such an incredible opportunity in this moment to do this sacred work, this expansion of love consciousness, we can shift our unconscious, actions, thoughts and behaviors that keep us out of harmony, that keep us out of love. As we do, let's watch as the outside world begins to reflect more peace, more harmony, more love. A coming together, a healing, an end to destruction, war, and injustice. A time of peace, freedom, liberation, and love for all is upon us. Let's embrace this higher vibrational harmonizing energy in our day-to-day life, and bring healing and grace into our everyday existence, let us each do our individual parts of loving our hurt parts, of integrating our shadow. I love you all, with the most sincerity, humility , good will, and genuineness, please love you. Please utilize the sacred energies available to us in this moment to form an intention today, one that will bring you more into the expansion of the love consciousness you are in your every present moment for yourself, and for all that is, let us all stand up and do our part to be the love that we are. It is time🙏🏻😇🤍🫶🏻🌕🙌🏻♎️♉️♏️in such reverence and respect, I love you all. Photo below is of my beloved, Greg Magick Bernstein and I, expanding in love consciousness last week on Mount Shasta🥰

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