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Aries 6 degree Full Moon 🌕 ♈️🔥🌈☀️⚡️☄️ September 29th, 2023 at 0257 PST Greetings, my beautiful friends. We are blessed with an incredible full moon in Aries at the end of the week, radiating powerful, dynamic, electric, breakdown, breakthrough energies, and opportunities to release actions, behaviors, and ways of being that are keeping us from being in full Harmony in our life’s and bodies. This beautiful full moon heralds the upcoming eclipse portal we are moving into. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is positioned at 21° of Libra, the same location where the new moon solar eclipse will occur in 2 weeks on October 14. This alignment is not only relevant but also intriguing and beautiful. Mars is energizing this place, infusing this eclipse point with passionate energy for our relationships and the new balance and harmony we are calling into our lives with this upcoming eclipse season. We are planting passionate seeds of initiatory energy for greater pleasure in our relationship to everything, with this pre-eclipse point meet up 🙌🏻 Meanwhile, Ceres is at 5° of Scorpio, the point where the sun will be (opposite the moon) on the Taurus 5 degree full moon lunar eclipse on October 28. Ceres is nurturing the deep, dark, shadowy parts of our minds, hearts, and unconscious that will be illuminated and up for release and healing at the time of that eclipse. One of the most striking aspects of this full moon is the Venus conjunct Juno at 22° of Leo in her last of three squares to Uranus at 22° Taurus. Throughout the summer, we have been reassessing our self-worth, our relationships, the value we place on the love that we are, what our hearts desire to create in this world, if we feel worthy of this, and really our relationship to everything in our lives, asking the question “ is this truly what I love and value “ “ is this truly what I want to create and does it match my values” Now, as Venus makes the conjunction to Juno, the asteroid of commitment, marriage, and long-term relationships, we are opening up to quantum shifts (with these energies being at 22°, the quantum degree) in our worthiness the way we experience and value our relationships and our commitments in life. We have the ability to up level tremendously with this energy , and because of the square, it could feel challenging, these are major growth points. We are now valuing everything in an entirely different way than we ever have before after this Venus retrograde in Leo and we’re still figuring out what that means to us. There could be sudden or shocking changes in our relationships and commitments, I imagine there will be some surprise engagements, marriages, and some surprise break ups. This seems like a fortuitous aspect just two weeks prior the Libra new moon solar eclipse, where we will be planting new seeds of harmony, balance, beauty, divine feminine energy, and love, in all of our relationships and opening up to receive all of these things at a higher level. Chiron, still in a trine to Venus and Juno, is bringing healing energy to how we value love in our relationships and long-term commitments and soothing the energy of the Uranus square a bit, it’s deep heart and relationship healing energy. Mars, conjunct the south node in Libra, is helping us release frustration and disharmony in our relationships, moving us towards greater integrity and authenticity. Mars is also in a sextile to Venus and Juno in Leo bringing a nice flowing balance of the masculine and feminine energies online in our hearts, bringing passion to our relationships and creations that we’re up leveling in. We may feel tense, frustrated, or blocked at this full moon with the Aries energies, and especially with the square aspect involving Venus and Uranus, However, the grand trine involving Saturn, Ceres, and Vesta in the water signs, is helping us to bring flow and nurture our commitment and devotion, to the awakening of our highest spiritual story here on earth, which is aligned with love. The trine between Pluto and Uranus is aiding us in transforming our commitments, devotions, and the structures we’ve built in reality and aligning these things with the higher vibration and frequencies emerging on the planet, it’s beautiful, transformative, awakening, energy that is so supportive. The ongoing sextile between Pluto and Neptune is allowing us to transform our structures and commitments in reality, to align with our higher spiritual story, the awakening of the higher consciousness, the Heaven on Earth reality. Jupiter, at 14° Taurus continues to expand our understanding of what we value here on Earth and encouraging us to think bigger about what we are here to manifest. Jupiter is in a trine to mercury, in Virgo helping us to expand our minds about what we are bringing into reality in our daily lives and how we can bring more value, pleasure, and expansion to our experience here on on earth. This is aided by Uranus in a trine to Mercury as well, we could have electric, innovative, brilliant mental downloads about how we could manifest a higher more healing vibe in our daily life. In conclusion, this is a beautiful moon that may feel a bit harsh or edgy, but it is helping us release and let go of denser frequencies and up level, big time. We have the opportunity to truly shift our actions, behaviors, and ways of being so they’re in more harmonious alignment with our hearts, and what we truly value and love. These planetary aspects are opening us up to all of the awakening energies available to us, the higher consciousness realities that are coming online, and helping us commit to elevated values and actions that are more aligned with love. As always, please love yourself deeply, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and be patient and kind, some of these energies may feel a little bumpy 🤗 I love you all so much🫶🏻🤍🤗🌈♈️ dm me if you’re interested in how these energies are affecting you personally and you would like a reading,  great time for one with the upcoming eclipses🤗🤍😘

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