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Scorpio New Moon 11/13/23

Early this morning, peaking at 1:27 am PST, November 13, 2023, we have an epic, potentially life-altering new moon. Embracing this new moon, we awaken a profound passion for nurturing our deepest, shadowy selves. Guided by celestial forces, we are now pushed to the edge, we are awakening to new, divinely aligned ways of loving and nourishing our scared child parts, our traumas, our wounds, our deeply buried “baggage “, we no longer have a choice, the age-old adage, “as above, so below, as within, so without” is so brilliantly and rawly displayed in our world now. These energies tell us it’s time to bring truth and light to all we’ve rejected in us, to all we’ve judged and shamed, the suffering is too great to ignore, something has gotta give, and this new moon is the catalyst that is bringing us an opportunity for a massive elevation in consciousness, a moment in time where we can step up, transmute and alchemize, and truly shift our behavior into more life-giving, affirming actions for all of us!!

The sextile between Pluto and the new moon, and its trine to Uranus, signals support for this deep transformational process we are all entering. The Sun, Moon, Mars, and Ceres' trine to Neptune align these changes with our highest divine timeline for this life, the collective, and Mother Earth at large. The celestial energies guide us to shine light where darkness once prevailed. Awakener Uranus playing heavily in this moon cycle allowing quantum shifts in healing, and massive up-leveling in self-worth and value, as we innovate the care of ourselves and how we act and behave, with new awareness. The veil is pulled back and we are guided to be with what has subconsciously and unconsciously been running us, our actions, behaviors, and creating our lives around us, we are waking up and we can choose differently, we can choose to passionately re-parent ourselves in ways that our sweet inner self so craves🙌🏻 Pluto's continued square to the nodes of fate urges us to shed what hinders our authenticity of being. We are called to let go of relationships and ways of being that keep us from expressing and living as our true selves.

Saturn at 0° Pisces, square to Mercury at 4° Sagittarius, beckons us to expand our minds, open up to new beliefs and higher faith in ourselves, dedicate ourselves to our spiritual disciplines, calm our minds, and trust in our abilities to bring our highest divine timeline into form.

Venus at 5° Libra, sextile to Mercury at 4° Sagittarius, encourages us to harmonize our thoughts and beliefs, aligning us with higher vibrational timelines, experiences, and relationships. This is a time of dynamic healing. Seize the opportunity to plant seeds of integration, release, up-level, and heal with this new moon. State loudly, proudly, and passionately to the universe, your intentions. It’s timeline-shifting energies are quantum and powerful!!! Let's wake up and love!!! Let’s nurture and nourish our deepest scared parts and traumas with powerful, inspirational energies. Let’s care for ourselves like never before, let’s be the inner mom and dad that our darkest parts have always needed!! May we all ride the cosmic currents of transformation and awakening into higher states of love and trust, and experience deeper intimacy with ourselves, each other, and this beautiful Mother Earth of ours with this dynamic life-giving new moon, where do we need to die to be reborn🤍

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