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Well, friends that Scorpio lunar eclipse on Friday was a big one❤️ This eclipse (and the prior Scorpio eclipses of the last year) have fallen in my fourth house, the area of my deepest emotional patternings, my “shadow” emotions and emotional reactions around my childhood wounding and trauma, my young home and family life, and my ability to nurture and nourish myself and others. These areas have been highlighted for me during this time and these energies have taken me on a profound healing journey, a full circle integration of the pure love I am❤️ This particular eclipse was conjunct my black moon Lilith square transiting black moon Lilith in Leo, with the sun conjunct my Chiron in Taurus, Uranus on my Chiron, and all the while Pluto has been continuing to square my Mars, my mercury and my Sun, with the north node sitting directly on my sun ☀️ whew!!!☀️intense energies to say the least 😂✨ I have to say, as an astrologer I could have been really nervous with these energies now and over this last 18 months😮and I suppose I was at times😂❤️ these are the energies of death, the deepest transformation, rebirth of the greatest degree, massive accelerated soul growth and expansion, deep soul healing, huge vibrational shifts AND instead of becoming fearful of these energies because of my understanding of what was happening with my astrological knowledge and wisdom, I have continually surrendered to the discomfort, the growth, the tears, the soul aching purge, the expansion, the cleansing of my soul, and the deep integration of my lost and rejected parts, it hasn’t been easy, and I wouldn’t say it’s been hard either, it has been with the flow to continually surrender and allow it all to be, every time I felt resistance I surrendered, i felt it all, and as a result I’ve been brought to the highest states of love, joy, peace, harmony and expansion my heart has felt in this life. All of my deepest desires and dreams are coming into manifest form in this reality around me. I’m more clear, clean, integrated, authentically me, and embodied and acting as the love i am in most of my moments than I ever have been and I’m deeply humbled and profoundly grateful 🙏🏻 The process isn’t over, it’s a lifelong journey, the energies of the cosmos and the angles and aspects they make to one another and my own energies have only allowed for a more potent portal of this up leveling and healing of my scared and wounded child parts and patterns and I’m so grateful I’ve allowed myself to flow with the process 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 For this particular eclipse I chose to go to the ocean with my beloved, to celebrate our one year anniversary together and to let the ocean and the redwoods clear, replenish, nurture, and nourish me and us ❤️what a beautiful time it was❤️ It was so sweet, gentle, harmonious, serene AND i had massive release🙏🏻😇🙏🏻I love this moon❤️ I’m so grateful to be learning to ride the energetic waves of the human experience with such lightness, humor, and play, whilst authentically honoring the depth of it all❤️ I hope you all are equally sweet and gentle with your own hearts and beings in this powerful energetic time and receiving massive upgrades in your own consciousnesses 😇🥰❤️ I will resume my moon ceremonies and transmissions on my YouTube channel for our upcoming massive manifestation new moon in Taurus on May 19th❤️ If anyone is in need of personal astrological guidance reach out via messenger for details and pricing, I have a couple of appointments still available this week❤️ It’s so beautiful because I attract really conscious, aware, and awakening clients and they all seem to be having have profound astrological aspects happening too😇such powerful times we are living in✨ I love you and am deeply grateful for all of you😘

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