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Full moon Aquarius 8/1 /2023 at 11:31 am PST 🌕⭐️⚡️🌈☀️💫🌹💥 This beautiful, intense full moon energy has a emphasis on vibration, frequency and awakening to and expressing the pure authentic vibration of the unique God Consciousness, the I Am Consciousness, that each of us is, and these energies have us acting and behaving for this elevated expression of ourselves and the higher vibration and frequency that we are in our core of pure love. We’re grounding this into earth and embodying this higher vibratory frequency into our physical Being here on this planet and releasing old patterns of vibrating for the old paradigms. With the full moon square Jupiter and Mars trine Jupiter, we are becoming aware of how much our day-to-day actions, beliefs, and behaviors go to expressing or not expressing this vibration of the pure love consciousness that each of us is. These energies are having us review how we open up, expand, and receive higher vibratory frequencies of love and channel them through our body into the earth, and expand more and more into this love consciousness that we and everything is. We’re letting go of old belief systems that hold us back from embodying this higher frequency expression of love that we are. With Pluto square the nodes, we’re becoming aware of all of this above and we’re having to release old patterns of relating to everything in reality and old relationship patterns, we’re transforming ways of being that no longer serve in our relationships and in our relationship to everything in the world, and how we’ve manifested certain structures in reality that don’t align with the particular, I am God consciousness that each of us is. We’re being called to expand our own awareness of our individuality, up level into the authenticity of our unique individuality, and let go of what no longer serves in our relationship to everything in the world around us. Saturn opposite mercury is having us see how our day-to-day thoughts and communications are out of alignment with our highest spiritual story here on Earth, the highest expression of our soul story, our dharma here on this planet, and we’re having to reframe, reevaluate, and shift our mental consciousness and communications with ourselves, everyone, and everything, so that this mental state of consciousness is more in alignment with our souls heaven on earth expression here on this planet. Venus retrograde square Uranus has us opening up more to these higher frequencies of love and harmony, the frequencies of our heart chakra, in potentially shocking, surprising, or completely new ways. We’re in the middle of a quantum leap of our experience of love. We are being called to value the frequency that’s coming in, this frequency of awakening here on mother earth, to value ourselves in the love that we are, this beautiful expression of love, to value love at a higher level, to value our own hearts and creativity, to value the voice of our own sweet, little inner child💕 The energies are saying to us……what is your hearts deepest desire and wish? what’s the creative expression of the love that you are here to bring forth and birth on this planet? What are you inspired to open to receive? and where do you need to value your own individual heart, dreams, love that you are at a higher level to open up to receive these pure vibrations of authentic love that are everywhere and everything on this planet? Who are you at the deepest most authentic level and how do you live and express that in your present moment reality? Where do you need to reevaluate and shift your commitments and responsibilities so they are more authentic to you and your individuality? Where do you need to reevaluate and shift your relationships so they are more authentic to you and your individuality? Where do you need to express and be yourself more authentically in your relationships? What does love mean to you? What are you deeply passionate about creating? What do you desire? How do you want to feel valued? How do you express love? These energies and vibrations are increasing and we’re awakening to that, Mother Earth and the cosmos are calling for us to ground through the frequency of the love that we are, through our unique embodiment of our own individual vibrations and our beautiful authentic creative expression of this and it’s so cool!!!🤍🤗🤩🌕♒️ I love y’all 🤍 it may feel intense out there, if you need personal support DM me to schedule a reading, this is an incredibly potent time of transformation and quantum shifting, it’s so helpful to be as aware as possible 🤗🤍 Full moon in Aquarius at 9 degrees Square Jupiter at 13 degrees in Taurus Pluto retrograde at 28 of Capricorn Squaring the North Node at 28 of Aries and the South Node at 28 of Libra Mars at 13 of Virgo Trine Jupiter 13 degrees of Taurus Mercury at 5 Virgo Opposite Saturn Retrograde at 5 of Pisces Venus Retrograde at 26 of Leo square Uranus at 22 of Taurus Juno at 22 of Cancer sextile Uranus at 22 of Taurus Venus Retrograde at 26 of Leo trine the North Node at 28 of Aries and the South Node at 28 of Libra Juno at 22 of Cancer square Chiron Retrograde at 19 of Aries Pallas Athena at 10 of Virgo trine Jupiter at 13 degrees of Taurus

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