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August 30th, 2023 at 1835 PST Pisces Full Super Blue Moon at 7 degrees♓️🤍🕊️ This full moon holds much spiritual significance, such deep power, and devotional energies, energies of the awakening of our hearts, the awakening of the collective love frequencies, a valuing of Mother Earth at a higher level, the awakening of our Dharma, and the expansion of heaven on earth frequencies here for all. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is a deep water sign, representative of pure God consciousness, Pisces is our intuition, Our psychic senses, our compassion, our connection to divinity, our highest spiritual path, our karma, our dharma, our connection to all that is. This moon illuminates this highest spiritual path forward for all of us and invites us to embrace it and devote to it. The full moon conjunct Saturn asks us to commit and devote to this higher, heaven on Earth path, and opposite the Sun at 7° of Virgo, calls for the enactment of new discipline and spiritual practices in our day to day life that help us to evolve and connect with our soul's highest purpose, our highest divine timeline. We’re releasing old karma and patterning that has held us in experiences of denser, harder realities in our day-to-day life, Letting these old ways go and formulating new Ways of living, thinking, believing, acting, relating and being. Saturn, retrograde at 3° 33 seconds conjunct the full moon adds an auspicious touch as three represents belief, expansion, and faith, urging us to have faith in the divinity of our hearts and our own devotion to our highest spiritual path and the reality that this commitment and devotion to our souls highest missions will bring into form a reality around us, our highest Divine timeline, one that is in alignment with the creation of heaven on earth for all. Jupiter at 15° of Taurus, square Venus retrograde at 12° of Leo encourages us to expand our beliefs and have faith in manifesting our hearts deepest desires and wishes, and calls for us to raise our own value of the love we are and the love we are expanding into. With Uranus Here as well at 23 of Taurus we are Grounding ourselves in Mother Earth and we are called to embody and receive higher frequencies of love, self-worth, and value to enhance its expansion and elevation and frequency⚡️ Mercury Retrograde at 19° of Virgo, forms a supportive aspect with the midpoint of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, emphasizing the review, and reformulation of how we use our mental field, thoughts, and communications to expand and raise our belief, faith, and vibration, and bring about a higher level of consciousness in our day-to-day lives. As we elevate and raise our consciousness of thought and communication, aligning with the Divine Mind, we expand into the manifestation of our heaven on earth reality manifest in form. The South Node conjunct Ceres in Libra urges us to release nurturing patterns, ways of caring and tending to our relationships and partnerships that no longer serve our highest spiritual path forward. The North Node at 25° (the highest degree of Pisces or God Consciousness) of Aries , is calling us to ground and embody our highest spiritual story that is in alignment with our "I am" consciousness on Earth, to align our actions and behaviors with our souls highest mission here. The north node in a harmonious angle to Vesta at 25° of Gemini asks us again to devote to new mental patterns, ways of thinking and communicating with ourselves, each other, and all that is in ways that support our spiritual path. The T square between Vesta in Gemini, Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury conjunct Pallas in Virgo, emphasizes the need to devote our mental field and thinking to our elevated spiritual path, our souls missions, our highest divine timeline. Mercury retrograde with Pallas here in these difficult angles challenges us to shift our thoughts and communications and how we connect with each other to align with what we want to see in the world and in our day-to-day lives and to be strategic about this, to plan, to implement new ways of utilizing these mental energies in our day to day, moment to moment lives, and asks us the question, what do we do to keep our thoughts, pure and aligned with the divine mind, aligned with what we want to see manifest here for the collective, for mother, earth, how do we set ourselves up for success when it comes to our monkey mind, what practices, routines and healing do we implement to keep ourselves mentally responsible for the creation of our souls highest diVine timelines. There’s lots more to say AND I’ll try to wrap up there😆 these are such big energies and they lack clarity, nothing is clear in this moment, allow that to be, let’s allow ourselves to surrender to the unknown of this time and wait as the shifts occurs and the tides come in and move out. Watching how these energies are affecting myself and those around me is so fascinating, it’s such a Deeply healing and internal time, It’s such intense energetics, and yet much of it is under the surface, unseen by the naked eye, with 7 planetary bodies in retrograde(if you include Chiron, an astroid) , we are in full on review, revise, reevaluate mode and this super full blue moon is really supporting such deep, heavy, karmic releases. I feel that we can’t even access the amount of release that’s happening at this point, it’s so profound, our mind cannot grasp the depth of it all, it’s not supposed to right now, surrender to the murky waters and allow the flow of life to bring things into clarity over time.  I feel this deep flow of karma being taken away with the tide of this huge super full moon for all of us, flowing away with the help of the sacred element of water, sweet Mother Earth supporting the whole process, loving us so deeply, holding us, nurturing us, and soothing us, as we up level and align with our hearts and souls highest divine missions here on this planet. In summary, this Pisces Full Moon invites us to connect with our divinity, enact new spiritual practices, expand our beliefs, and ground our highest spiritual path in our day-to-day lives. By shifting our thoughts and communications, releasing patterns and karma, and healing through action and disciplined devotion, we align with an elevated consciousness and manifest our soul's desires. This is such a powerful moon for Ceremonies of release using the sacred element of water, follow your heart, allow yourself to be in the unknown, Tap into your guidance from a moment to moment place, and act from there for ceremony, be very intentional, that’s all that’s required 🤍 feel free to DM me with any questions around ceremony or or anything above🤍 Bless all of you beauties, I love you so much 🙌🏻🤍🙌🏻

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