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Hello my beautiful friends, what a profound astrological time we’re living in !!! We start this week, still in the depths of this Venus retrograde cycle, likely one of the most notable Venus retrogrades in our entire lifetimes!! Venus is traveling retrograde solely in the sign of Leo, the sign of love, creativity, our inner child, our hearts, and this week she makes significant contacts with Black moon Lillith and Uranus calling for us to open up to deeper love and the integration of our shame, fear, and shadows and as we do this, we up level our self worth and open to experience more abundance, love, and joy in this life. She stationed retrograde on July 22 and is having us review our relationship with Love, our relationships, money, beauty, what we value, how we value, our own sense of self worth, how we love, and what we’re here to create and wishing to create at the deepest level. Venus is asking us the question, Do we feel worthy to create the life and relationships that our hearts have always dreamed of and if not, why, how can we shift this, NOW is the time!! We start the week with Venus conjunct BML, asking us to look deep inside at our scared, lost, disowned, rejected child parts, or shadow, where do we need to integrate and love deeper the parts of ourselves we are shameful about, how can we open up our hearts even greater to love the scared, traumatized little child parts that live in all of us, in our unconscious and subconscious, that run us in ways we’re afraid to admit, and I won’t sugar coat it, this may not be the easiest of energies, we may become aware of things we haven’t been able to see, and it could be difficult to feel this, AND it’s here for us, this is how we integrate, we’ve got to see it and feel it first, and all these rejected parts of us need to heal is our sweet tender love, presence, and acceptance. Then late Tuesday or Wednesday this week, depending on where you live in the world, Venus retrograde in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus at 22 degrees, 22 degrees is the grand master degree of Uranus, the degree of high frequency energies, we can have portals of love and creation opening, timeline shifts, quantum leaps in our receiving and creation consciousnesses, massive, revolutionary, shocking heart openings, this energy will force us open if it has to. This marks a highly significant moment in our life’s, a turning point. Our hearts and our inner children want to open to us and be heard and valued for the love that we all are. This feels super significant following the Venus conjunct BML energies, it feels as if this greater love, acceptance, and integration of our rejected and shameful parts is the vehicle which opens up the portals of the elevation of our own sense of self worth. The effect of this energy is to bring us to greater states of joy, love, fun, creation, and play, it wants to inspire us and have us live led and guided by our hearts, by love. When we allow ourselves to surrender to what is and what this energy is shifting in us and accept all of our parts as an expression of love (even if they don’t feel this way), we open up portals of high value ascension energies that allow us to access massive leaps in consciousness, quantum timeline jumping, and increased abilities to open up to, create, and receive the life we’ve always dreamed of, to create our unique heart and souls heaven on Earth …….AND it may feel vastly uncomfortable as we have to meet these parts of ourselves that we have not wanted to look at and allow the old paradigms and ways of loving, valuing, and hiding from ourselves to be swept away. As much as we can drop in and go deep with the energies this week and stay in our present, precious, NOW moments, stay in our hearts, and open to this tremendous love that we and everything is, even in the face of massive discomfort, we will open to even greater, more abundant quantum leaps in harmonizations of our energies and massive quantum leaps in our abundance and love consciousnesses. I love you all so much!!!!! let’s all hold our selves so sweetly and gently this week and ride the wave of expanding love, let’s trust, have faith, and surrender 🤍🤗😇

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